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These are the best moneymaking sites on the web!

Member Benefits
• 0.004$ per click
• 0.002$ per ref click
• payout - 4$
• cashout time - 72 hrs
• 0.01$ per click
• 0.005$ per ref click
• payout - 4$
• cashout time - 72 hrs

Advertiser Benefits
Choose from a variety of click packs.
Everyone can see your ads, but only our registered users clicks are included in the price. So, you get what you pay for and even more since clicks from outside visitors are completly free!

Member Benefits
• Browser Toolbar With Instant Notification of New Ads Available
• Earn Up To $0.02 Per Click and Up To $0.008 Per Referral Click
• Earn Even More With Our Affiliate Program
• Payments Via Check, Alertpay and PayPal
• Win Daily Prizes Up To $5.00
• Unlimited Direct Referrals
• Guaranteed Ads Daily

Advertiser Benefits
• Very Cost-Effective Packages with Thousands of Potential   Customers
• Only One Click per Member is Counted, no Repeats
• Demographics Filter and Detailed Statistics
• Ads Visible to non-Members for Free
• Strong Anti-Cheat Protection
• Customer Oriented Business
• Bulk Advertising Discounts

Affiliate Benefits
• Get Paid to Visit Websites
• Get Paid to Complete Offer
• Traffic Exchange
• Get Paid To Promote Clicksia
• Up to 100% Referral Earnings
• $1.00 Minimum Payout

Advertiser Benefits
• Cheap Advertising!
• 24 Hours Unique Hits
• Free Live Stats
• Many Ways To Advertise
• Automated Transactions
• Try It Out Today!

Member Benefits
• Paid to Click - Click on ads and get paid up to 0.01$ each Paid to Read - Read short ads followed by a quick look at a page, paid up to 0.0025$ each..
• Sign up - Complete sign up offers for free sites and receive 5-25 cents.
• Paid to Promote -Promote and get up to 0.20$ CPM.
• Click Exchange - Click to earn x-credits and use it to advertise what you want.
• 40% DOWNLINE EARNINGS! (Up to 100% for Upgraded members)
• Minimum payout is as low as $1,02 to Alertpay or 0,3$ to Paypal, and you will receive your payment within 24-72 hours!
• We have some special offers and memberships so be sure to check those out.

Advertiser Benefits
• Paid To Click Ads - 24h unique hits as cheap as $1.5 / 1000 Paid To Read Ads - 24h unique hits as cheap  as $1.5 / 1000 Paid To Sign Up • Ads - Buy signups for any site you want and monitor their activity for up to 7 days, and decide if you want to accept or deny the member Paid Emails - Have our members receive your offers directly to their inbox.
• Banners - Add your banner to our rotator, and achieve great results!
• Featured Banner - Add a small banner to our featured banner rotator.
• Featured Link / Ads - Have you link or ad promoted on every single page of our site!
• On top of this we have special offers on advertising, so check out the specials before buying!
• To show we really care about our advertisers and to make sure their credits are not getting wasted, we have set up many different ways to catch cheaters and bot users, they get kicked out of our site daily so you can be sure your ads will be seen by real people!
• All the ads are easy to set up and you can have them running in less than 5 minutes, just sign up and visit our purchase page and follow simple instructions!


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